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We create not only to bring about confidence, exuberance, and strength to those who shop Arona, but we also have a goal to keep hope alive in the hearts of many ultra poor families across the Philippine islands. We have partnered up with various organizations, our main benefactor being International Care Ministries (ICM). We target isolated communities, hardly ever reached or supported by the government, to help out the families living off on approximately Php22.00 (less than $0.50) a day to meet all their needs (education, food, health, etc.). The case for those in ultrapoverty worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic wherein they had lost the source of what little income they had. They desperately struggled to survive.

This is why we create. For every purchase of Arona athleisure, a percentage of our profit is dedicated to helping these communities rise up through providing support for their basic needs during crises, and sustainable livelihood training.  Of course, this does not go without values training in which we strive to help change their poverty mind sets, to actually hope for more; to work smarter and harder for more. The goal is to oversee these communities until they are out of their ultrapoverty state, with its people able to stand on their own, no longer dependent.


Get active with us and let's make high impact mean more than just exercise. For those who have supported Arona through shopping online, we thank you. For those who would rather donate (full proceeds go to support the organizations) instead of shop, you may donate through Paypay:

Other options include:

GCash: 09989850130 (kindly indicate "donation")

PayMaya: 09989850130 (kindly indicate "donation")

Thank you for being active. Thank you for supporting Arona.